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The transfer station will close without notice when we reach our maximum daily tonnage. Please call for details.

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The Trojan Recycling transfer station

Serves as a processing site for waste accumulated in big jobs or through daily living. Here, recyclable items are removed from other waste before being sent to a landfill or incinerator. Use of the transfer station is available to our roll away dumpster renters, as well as any community member who needs to dispose of bulky items. Trojan Recycling operates as a licensed transfer facility with a mission of reducing the area’s carbon footprint. We believe in recycling whenever possible.


Acceptable items are charged at a rate of $200 per ton. A minimum charge of $200 is applied to any single disposal weighing less than 2,000 pounds. Once you enter our facility, you will be asked to pull your vehicle onto a scale. At this point, your vehicle, with trash, will be weighed. You may then follow the direction of staff members to safely empty your trash at our facility. After emptying, your vehicle is weighed again, and the difference in weight is recorded. You are charged based on this difference, which indicates the weight of the trash brought to the facility.


The transfer station is located in Brockton, MA. From town, follow Montello St., also known as Route 28, to Perkins Ave. You will go over a set of railroad tracks and proceed onto Forest St. From here, take the second right and arrive at the Trojan Recycling transfer station.


For the traditional fees listed above, our transfer station accepts a variety of appliances, general clean-out materials, pallet, fencing, wood waste, brick, concrete, landscaping or yard debris, roofing materials or construction debris, and metal.

TVs, tires, propane tanks, computer monitors, air conditioning units, car batteries, mattresses, and refrigerators can be brought to our facility, but they do require an additional fee.

Contact Trojan Recycling for more information. We are happy to help meet all of your disposal needs!