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The transfer station will close without notice when we reach our maximum daily tonnage. Please call for details.

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In the past, many homeowners tried to tackle large remodeling jobs without obtaining proper disposal containers. They used their personal trash receptacles, made frequent trips to the dump with a trailer, or stored the items accumulated in the demolition phase until they knew what to do with them. The truth is, you do not have to undergo a huge expense for the convenience of an on-site dumpster. Trojan Recycling rents roll-off dumpsters of all shapes and sizes.


Trojan Recycling’s rental containers are built for easy loading and quick disposal. Apartment communities often rent from us to perform end-of-month cleanups quickly and efficiently. General contractors love our dumpster and roll-away services for roofing jobs, kitchen renovations, or any number of larger construction projects. We routinely rent to homeowners’ associations during large-scale cleanups of common areas, or to conveniently maintain brush drop-off sites after a storm. Landscapers also see value in dumpster rentals for collecting yard waste, tree trimmings, or brush.

The biggest benefit of a Trojan Recycling roll-off dumpster rental is the scheduled roll-away to our transfer station once your job is complete. Aside from hazardous materials such as asbestos, flammables, batteries, paints, railroad ties, propane tanks, telephone poles, or liquids, most anything large or small can be hauled away. You just have to fit it in the dumpster!


Hazardous materials such as asbestos, flammables, batteries, paints, railroad ties, propane tanks, telephone poles, or liquids can not be deposited in a roll off dumpster rental and will not be accepted at our transfer station. Acceptable materials include a variety of appliances, general clean-out materials, pallet, fencing, wood waste, brick, concrete, landscaping or yard debris, roofing materials or construction debris, and metal.  In addition, televisions, tires, propane tanks, computer monitors, air conditioning units, car batteries, mattresses, and refrigerators can be deposited in a roll off rental dumpster to be brought to our transfer facility but will require an additional fee. Please call our office for details.


The size of your container will be determined by the quantity and makeup of the debris it will contain. Inert materials such as dirt, rock, concrete, sand, and asphalt will need a smaller container. These items are heavy and quickly accumulate bulk. Household materials, remodeling waste, roofing materials, and yard debris will all be sized based on quantity. These materials typically call for 15–30 cubic yard containers, but it is important to ensure the roll-off dumpster you choose has lower sides for easy loading.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and speak with a representative about the right roll-off dumpster options for your job.